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Your wedding ceremony is at the center of your special day. Moments and Lifetimes' Rev. Jim David will work with you to achieve a personalized wedding ceremony according to the tone and style that best expressed who you are as a couple, and draws your family and friends into this unique and special moment.

While there are usually some key traditional elements that most people have come to expect in weddings, there are different tones and styles within which these traditional elements might be presented.  Rev. David offers several approaches to wedding ceremonies.  Scroll down to learn more about these.  Or Rev. David will be happy to work with you to craft your ideas into a creative and meaningful ceremony.  The ceremonies presented below run about 25 to 30 minutes in length.

The Catholic Ceremony

This ceremony appeals to couples who either personally have strong ties to Catholicism or have family members who do. Rev. David will work with you to create a wedding service that speaks to who you are while following the outline of a Catholic wedding ceremony (not a full Mass). This ceremony is recognized by the Ecumenical Catholic Church. [Please note: couples wishing to have a ceremony recognized by the Roman Catholic Church must follow the format they require and work with a Roman Catholic priest.]

The Christian Ceremony

This non-denominational style of service blends selections from various Christian Traditions to form a meaningful ritual that speaks to your beliefs in a contemporary manner. Again, Rev. David will work together with you to create a unique and personalized ceremony.

The Interfaith Ceremony

Rev. David enjoys working with Ministers from other religious traditions to create a blended ceremony with elements from both Christian and non-Christian religions. This approach works well for couples and their families who bring rich and different heritages to this new union.

The Spiritual Ceremony

This approach is popular with couples who identify themselves as spiritual but not religious. Love is an energy and way of life that clearly makes a positive difference in our lives and our world. Using language based on that belief Rev. David can work with a couple to craft a unique ceremony that includes the traditional elements of weddings in contemporary and spiritually meaningful style.

Let's meet...

Moments & Lifetime's Rev. Jim David will be happy to arrange a complimentary meeting to discuss any of the above ceremonies or to talk about your own approach. Contact him to arrange an appointment by email or phone 508-737-1899.